Konichiwa Party People?!

Ever since I was a kid I've loved to travel. It never mattered what the destination was, especially when it was somewhere I hadn't traveled to before. One place I've wanted to visit since I was younger was Japan. And it makes sense. As an artist, the weird and wild culture of Tokyo, the insanity and the creativity of it, drew me in. And so, finally, I found myself in the midst of this Tokyo mania in June 2016. The fantastical land, the flashing neon signs, the domineering, out-of-this-world robots—everything strange and unexplainable—scratched this giant box on my bucket list. All I could do was attempt to capture everything I saw through the viewfinder. To put it frankly: it was my wild, childhood imagination come to life.

Each day, I remember standing in my hotel room on the 47th floor of the Ritz Carlton in Minato while experiencing the most gut-wrenching, awe-inspiring view of the city. It was cinematic: the sun rising and falling, casting long shadows across the city that extended beyond the horizon. The lights from the towering cityscape and the streets below danced like sirens, calling me out to the madness below.

There in my tower, no two days were alike. While I ate breakfast I was fueled with the view below, plotting my trek through Tokyo, knowing that getting lost would only rev my creative mind and hone my photography. And so, with that ecstatic, constant creativity



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