Welcome to my music page! Here you can listen and download the different mixes I have made! I have a lot of fun making these for my friends and now I want to share them with all of you. Enjoy and be sure to check back periodically for more. You can always keep up with the blog to stay hip to new releases. 



42 minutes of non-stop Hip Hop and EDM Trap Magnificence. With GLORIOUS, like all my other mixes, I take the opportunity to share the amazing music that is EDM with those who never get to hear it. GLORIOUS takes some of my current favorite remixes and original songs from my favorite DJs and producers all over the world. 
Buckle up, this is gonna be a wild ride.

- Chill Trap Vol 2 - 

The sequel  to Chill Trap Vol 1 featuring some of my favorite slower and intimate EDM songs and remixes. Good for a relaxing vibe whenever needed. 

-Chill Trap Vol 1-

Turn down for what? Cause you just wanna chill. Introducing Chill Trap Vol 1 the first in the series of mixes featuring some of my favorite slower and intimate EDM songs and remixes from songs that you will surely recognize and enjoy!

Chill Trap Vol 1

- Speaker Breaker -

Watch your volume dial because you may need to replace your speakers after this one! One of my older mixes from Summer of 2013. 


- House Of Bounce - 

My first ever mix from 2013. House Of Bounce is my (poor) introduction to making mixes. Be on the look out for the sequel early 2015!!

House Of Bounce