What's good party people?!

One of my favorite aspects of my photography is trespassing. There's just something about passing a "Do Not Enter" sign while walking into an abandoned building that makes it worth the risk. Especially when it comes to getting a great shot. Sometimes you just HAVE to hop that fence, climb that ladder, or hop over the hole with the 20 ft drop inside the abandoned warehouse that you almost didn't notice. It's amazing what can come from having a good sense of "Fuck It" from time to time. 

Brittani was coming up again to visit and we decided that we wanted to shoot while she was in town. She gave me a concept of a roof top shoot so I contacted my good friend and amazing director Wayne J who gave me a couple of options. Since he was giving me the location I took it upon myself to ask him to film bts and he of course agreed. The shoot was simple and fun and of course ended with us getting escorted off the premises, but not before we got some amazing images. Check out the behind the scenes video and the final shots below.