I have a great and funny story for you guys about the day I met my friend Puddin. Back in August, my mentor Snoop randomly called me and asked if I wanted to help with a shoot. Like always, when Im not already busy, I of course said yes. When I got to his house, I met a female and male model who introduced themselves as Roxanne Boshay (Roxi for short) and Damien respectively.

At the time I walked in, they were getting ready to move on to the second half of the shoot at a nearby hotel. I helped pack up the car with everyone and that's where things started to get interesting.

Have you ever heard an idea you knew was going to be bad, but it was going to be so funny you didn't say anything and let it happen? Yeah, that's what happened here. When we were packing up all the gear to head to the hotel I came across a pack of snack packs. For those of you who had a deprived childhood, THESE are snack packs. Glorious delicious pudding cups. I asked Snoop what they were for and he just gave me a look like... 


And Roxi had a face more like... 

Stank face office space.gif

So even before I heard this "awesome idea" I had a feeling Snoop, as usual, had thought up something over the top. I ask him for more detail to see why Roxi had made that face when I mentioned the pudding. He looks at me and says he came up with the "amazing" idea for a shot which involved putting the pudding all over Damien's chest and having Roxi lick it off. Sounds sexy right? 

But we'll get back to this later

At the hotel shoot, there was me, Snoop, his wife April, another photographer Mojo, Roxi (Puddin), and Damien (Got Milk). Now, I know what you're probably asking, "Raza, where do these random nicknames come from?". As usual, CALM DOWN! Im getting there!

Got Milk already had his nickname from a shoot he had done before and April refused to call him anything but "Got Milk" so the name stuck in my head. Heres the picture... 


Yah done? Ok, now that you're back from being little pervs back to my story...


So of course my mentor starts shooting with Roxi first so I started working with Got Milk but there's something I had to personally get through first. For the five years that I have been shooting models I had never shot a nude male model. I was so used to being with females clothed, unclothed, and everything in between and being unfazed by it all, I had never worked with males that much, especially not nude. But, like I tell my models "Do it for the art" (remember this term later) so I just rolled with it like it was anything else I had done before. After I got started, I saw that it really wasn't that different than what I done before and ended up having fun with it like any other shoot. I learned that it's always best to try something new and never be afraid to leave your comfort zone. You'll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish and overcome.

So after doing two sets with Got Milk, I got my chance to shoot with Roxi. I was so impressed with her because she showed all the traits I love best in a model. She was able to enter a persona while shooting (She calls it the Boshay Show), she didn't need much direction from me, other than the basic attitude I was looking for, and she KILLED the set. April put her in a white wig and make up that contrasted well with her black outfit. 

So at this point is where Got Milk decides to come into the set with Roxi(Nude) and join in on the fun. It's also where things took a funny yet interesting turn. 

The initial walk up

You want a piece?

Apparently she didn't. Actually she said the candy was nasty. I didn't believe her... until I tried a piece. That shit was nasty haha

And then shit got weird...

So now we get to the part of the shoot I've been waiting for. Snoop tells Got Milk to lay on the counter and puts a very generous glob of vanilla pudding on his chest and Roxi gets on top of him. Snoop, Mojo, and myself are all shooting at the same time. I had to contain my laughter the entire time I was shooting it. It was JUST SO AWKWARD. Look for yourself. 

And thus, "Puddin" was born and a clear example of "Do it for the art" was made.

 After this hilarious and horrific set I got to shoot with Puddin alone in the bathroom. This was my favorite set of the night and I almost ruined my camera doing it. First I told Puddin to pose into the mirror and she had NO issue doing that. Pretty sure she forgot I was there after a while. After that, we decided to do our last set in the shower which as a photographer, I've learned to save anything that will mess up a model's hair and make up I've waited hours to be finished until the END of the shoot. The shower had a clear glass wall and no door and it was perfect to shoot in... Until the water got hot and the glass turned into a foggy mess. So I took off my shoes and got inside the  shower as much as I could without getting soaked and kept shooting.

Nights like this are my favorite. Creating dope art with dope people and having the time of my life. There was a lot of other craziness that happened this night but some things just stay on set. Thank you for taking the time to go behind the scenes with me and stay tuned for more. This is just the beginning.