Que Pasa gentes de fiesta?!

Today I have a quick session to share with you guys. A couple of months ago, I had an idea for a series.  I wanted to make literal representations of common sayings, quotes, proverbs, etc. However, I wanted them to have a twist to show a more ironic (or just plain funny) definition. Some will be subtle, others will be blatant, all in the name of fun. A lot of these sayings are ones that people like to say but don't necessarily live by. In a lot of cases, there’s a good deal of hypocrisy in their use. I want to show that. I am calling the collection "Quotes", and it will be an ongoing series so stay tuned for more!

Today, I'm sharing the piece “My Eyes Are Up Here” featuring the homie Puddin. A lot of you have probably seen it around online already. The concept behind this piece is the struggle that most women go through on a day-to-day basis. Guys (and other females) staring at their breast. I gave it a surreal twist by switching the placement of her eyes and nipples to emphasize the correlation between where others should look, and where they actually do. This piece is on sale in Poster and Gallery Photo forms on my Store.  


I'm not sure what I love more, the picture itself or the comments that were left on it. The feedback I received on this image was precisely what I wanted and expected.

And my personal favorite...


The response was a flurry of mixed emotions. Creative, Creepy, Sexy, and Milk Tears pretty much sums it up how people felt. I love these reactions, it's why I like doing concepts like these. For one, the images from them immediately grab people's attention, and secondly, it makes those same individuals think. Some saw the deeper meaning, others just saw a weird picture of a chick with nipples for eyes and eyes for nipples. Either way, if you stopped and looked, my goal was met. If you commented, ever better. That's all for this one. As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

As I stated above, this piece is currently on sale on my store! Check it out below and get your copy before they are gone!

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