Top of the morning to you Party People...

For this sessions post, I got to shoot with the lovely miss Crissie again. This time around, I wanted to redo a concept I did about three years ago but wanted to do it even better. The base idea for my shoot with Crissie from the last time I did this with Ana. Shooting the model on a bed under a sheet. It's a intimate place to spend with someone and I feel that emotion comes off really well in the photos. Here are my favorite shots from that first shoot. 

I loved how these came out and a couple even went viral (got stolen) on Tumblr.

To it better this time around, I decided instead of using an actual bed, I would build a set in my studio so I could have better control over lighting and the way the sheet interacted with the model. So with the help of an air mattress, some 2x4's and the help of my best friend Ray, we had the perfect set to work with. 

So at first I was taking the shoot just like the one I had done with Ana. I was getting good images, but they were boring. So I strapped on my fish eye, added some color gels to my lights, started blowing some smoke and ended up created some really cool images. Check out the shots below.

click em to make em bigger

I love making art where I can be inspired from not only outside sources but from my own past work and build upon it to form new ideas. 

My goal in my art and life is to always grow and shoot for bigger and better goals. Always strive to not be comfortable in your field of interest. By comfortable, I mean doing the bare minimum to keep your job. Going day to day knowing you could be doing better but content with just "getting by".  Realize that there is always something new to learn and you can always be better at what you do. Always be on the lookout for life lessons throughout your everyday life.


                                                      ...You never know where it might take you!