What's goooooooooood Party People?!

Hope everyone is having a good week! I'm very excited to share this week's photo session. Sosa came to me with the idea of doing a shoot as the Joker. I loved the idea but, I had one condition. He could NOT base his costume and make up fully on the Heath Ledger Joker. As a photographer, there are many themes and concepts you see get played out so much by other photographers. For example, you will never see me take photos of my shoes hanging off the side of a building. As photographers, and more importantly artists, we should always be striving for originality and showing our creativity instead of following the latest trend. But enough ranting...

This shoot was a lot of fun for many reasons. Mainly because Sosa got so into his character. There was a couple times it scared me even... But it makes creating the art so much easier and worth while when a model loses their self in the persona they are showing and it shows in the photos. Sosa brought along his team which included Drea who took on the role as Harley Quinn for the shoot who also did a phenomenal job. I love doing concepts like these and as always, look out for even bigger and better ones than this. Take a look at the shots below!

(Click em to make em bigger)