What's goooooooooood party people?!

So first and foremost, sorry for the lack of updates. I want to make sure you guys are getting the best and i'll get more consistent as time goes on. Or maybe not, whatever. 


Today I'm glad to bring you guys a new set a photos with Jamia, who was referred to me by from my good friend Wayne. She had a really good attitude so I decided I would do a  tougher concept I had been thinking up for a while. I've been wanting to do some horror like shoots and maaaann do I have some fun things in store for this Spring/Summer. I saw this as an opportunity to try it out and get something different that I had ever shot before. 

The concept I had for Jamia came from there still being snow on the ground. I have a good amount of woods in my backyard so I had the idea of making Jamia a dark and ominous creature that lived in these woods....

The Woman In Black

 She had an all black dress and cape that contrasted amazingly with the white snow. Thanks to Snoop and Slice for helping me out on set. Take a look at the photos below and don't forget to leave a comment!

I look forward to working with Jamia again as well as doing more shoots like this. I love for my images to tell a story and it's a lot fun creating characters and emotions that I normally don't do. I have some great stuff in store.

Stay tuned...