Hello Party People!

     Today I'm bringing you all another photo update. This time it's a recap of my first shoot with Sarah Love. I wanted to shoot with her for a good deal of time and finally our schedules were both open enough that we could met up and do a set. With models that I shoot with for the first time, but I have a good feeling they will be one I will want to use them for other projects, I tend to keep the shoot simple so the model and I can get a good feel for each other. This also allows the model to be comfortable from the beginning at any shoot in the future. Winter time is usually when I'm stuck doing a lot of inside shoots so I like to keep myself challenged and do anything to break the monotony of your typical studio shoot. (IT GETS SO BORING!).

    My shoot with Sarah was no exception. I invited Sarah to my home studio and decided I wanted to shoot her in other areas of the house (To break the monotony) . She came over with a black lingerie set I felt would contrast really well my hardwood floor but while shooting I decided to take it farther with a few different sets in the moment. But enough talking, ON TO THE PHOTOS!