Happy almost New Year party people!

2014 was such a great year and I figured my first blog post should be a recap of my favorite projects and moments that happened throughout the year. So without further ado.... Let's get into it. 

1. Snow Day

Early January of 2014 we had a pretty good snow storm. I woke up the next morning knowing I wasn't going to work but woke up anyway because I saw opportunity to get a great shot. I beat the Sun coming up and got to my location in time to get some great winter shots. Wasnt a bad way to start off the year.

2. Cotton: Newspaper Series

It's always a great time when I get to shoot my good friend Cotton. I had called her and told her I wanted to resurrect my series "Newspaper Portraits" and as always, she was down to be a part of it. I loved this shot because the smoke came out looking like a mix between cotton candy and something out of a horror movie with a heart on the top.

3. Pang: Dream State

By far one of my favorite shots on the year. Pang was my make up artist for a bit while I was living in Greensboro and she always did an amazing job. I told her I wanted her to be in her own shoot and she got so excited. She even made the dress in the shot above in ONE night because she thought the shot was the next day versus the next week. My bad again for that Pang, but I respect the work ethic and you killed this shoot! 

4. Summer

As we got more into warmer weather I found myself having a sudden urge to use smoke bombs and fireworks a lot. This shoot was my first test using them at night and the results where better than I thought they would be. Expect bigger and better for 2015 though! ;)

5. Bella D

If I had a list of models I always wanted to work with, but timing was never there to make it happen, Bella was one of the model's at the top of the list. Luckily, I got to work with her twice in '14. This is one of my favorite shots from our first session in downtown Greensboro. 


I can't get over how much I love this photo. This was from the Mardi Gras Glow Party I shot for the homies at Rogue Nightlife in Greensboro. I can't think of many good cover up tattoo ideas for an ex than this. 

7. ToshaMakia: "Love & Trust"

I got linked up with Tosha through one of my very close photographer friends, Tia Rogue. This is my favorite shot from that entire set and I can't wait to work with her again! BTW you can buy a poster print of this shot in the store!

8. Brittani Taylor: Color Series

Brittani killed so many shoots this year it was hard picking just one, but I decided to choose a shot from my favorite shoot we did together for my color series. It was so much fun finding different props all in the same color and working with her is always a great time especially with her being my girlfriend. haha

9. Rick Ross: Super Jam

Ok, now it was damn near impossible to just share one photo from this set but I really do like this one. I can do another post with more from this night just comment at the bottom if you'd like to see more! They made me dress up like an elf because the theme was "Christmas in July" but it was worth it. Being on stage with artist like Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, YG, Young Thug, and more was an amazing experience!

10. Summer Night Dreams

Summer Night Dreams was a project I did with my good friend and fellow photographer Tia Rogue. It was my last project in North Carolina before I moved back to Maryland and this was my favorite shot of the night. 

11. Haleakala National Park, Maui HI

I got to see so many cool places on my trip to Hawaii with my dad. But none were as cool as Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui. The top of the mountain is above to the cloud line so once you're on the top it's a sight that is close to what I would imagine heaven to be. Just a sea of clouds in every direction. I can't wait to visit again. 

2014 was a fantastic year and I know this new year will be even better. I can't wait to show you this journey and fun times that will be had! Stay tuned for more and thank you for reading.